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Vanessa Pattison

Live Yoga from Nicaragua

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 of Zen Yoga Nicaragua

About This Live Yoga Session

Move from the core in your abdomen to the core of your being. Exercise and explore each posture and rediscover your own core strength that is unshakable. Activating sun salutations, standing postures and engaging core work. Feel steady on your own two feet and a deeper sense of self so you are open in the face of challenges.

About Vanessa Pattison

Welcome to our Zen Yoga home, happily nestled in the bustle of booming San Juan del Sur. We’re located on the Southeast corner of the church and park, across from the delicious smells of the pizzeria. We offer daily yoga classes in our open-air studio, with everything from rest & restorative to power, massages and body treatments from our lovely chicas, and a community of connectivity. Come join us!

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